Quality of dairy, quality of life-

"You are what you eat"

If farmers are feeding their cattle and pigs everything from candy and cookies to french fries and waste cocoa, and people in turn eat and drink the meat and milk of those animals, what nutrition are people really getting from this? Sugar- and fat?

If you have any doubts about the validity of this, notice below that "wsj" stands for Wall Street Journal. Also go in the dairy aisle in a health food store and compare the fat content of (organic) grass-fed versus regular (organic, corn-fed) dairy. You will see that the grass-fed stuff has less fat. Now think of the food and drugs that non-organic cows are being fed, and imagine what kind of quality the fat in their milk, cheese, yogurt etc is going to have. Yes, we'll just opt for non-fat. But even non-fat has some fat. And don't pediatricians always tell us that we should feed our kids the full-fat versions because growing children need the fat?

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