Amazon and shipping in general.

Just received a package from Amazon. It came wrapped in this stuff called Fill-Air- plastic with air inside. I was looking at it, and it looks like you actually can send it back to Fill-Air for recycling. The only other choice, otherwise, would be to throw it in the trash... I guess that, after I deflate it and stuff it into an envelope (as they direct you to do when you go in their website), it should cost less than a dollar to get rid of it. It's annoying that, given the existence of better, bio-degradable materials, they still choose to use all this plastic. I guess next time I'll call and ask for biodegradable material? I'll try. The elusive Amazon # is: (800) 201-7575. The website for Fill-Air is: http://www.sealedair.com/products/recycle/recycle_inflate.html. There is a phone # in there, but I could not reach a person. It does have the address where you can send your plastic, though. They should pay for the shipment and our time, since they are creating the trash.

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