I was talking to a dear friend just a day ago, and we were having a conversation about cans, and canned food. She told me how her mother was told by a nutritionist, as part of her cancer therapy, never to use canned food. Well, today I get back from work, and open up Vegetarian Times (April 2010 issue), just to find a whole article on not only BPA, but the presence of BPA in ALL canned food... they talk about how the FDA is supporting (pay attention to the wording here) efforts to reduce BPA exposure- especially for children. But ''supporting'' is not ''forbidding'' or even plain ''reducing''. As far as the presence of BPA is concerned, it is still there, and the only ones that can really reduce its exposure for our kids are... us. Mothers, parents, grown-ups, or anyone who does the shopping for their household. Our kids depend on us for their safety and well-being- their health, and ultimate happiness. We adults may be a lost cause, I know, but our kids deserve any and everything they can get for their future- they have a whole life ahead of them! Why not give them a good start? Take the time, throw away the cans and buy fresh food for your kids. They deserve it! If you must buy cans, the ONLY, I repeat the ONE and ONLY brand that puts out cans that do not have BPA is EDEN Organic. They have been BPA-free since 1999 (think about that for a moment: that means that the information has been out there for over a decade now).
Looking for more information on BPA and options to avoid it when shopping? Check out the article on Vegetarian Times (unfortunately I could not find it online, but I am sure there is plenty of info about BPA out there in cyberspace). Also, ''Slow Death by Rubber Duck'' has a whole section on this chemical.
By the way, canned food does include coffee, soda, canned drinks, canned tomatoes, tomato purees, pineapple chunks, beans, corn, peas, sweet potatoes, condensed milk... at least a lot of those items are available in the frozen form (not condensed milk, unfortunately...), but remember: when you eat fresh, you get all of the nutrients of of the food, not just the mere memory of that food! And that is what you want, isn't it? The taste of the food, and the nutrients that make us feel good day after day, for a long, long healthy life. It's worth taking the time. If not for you, for your little ones.

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