Recycling in Duval and St Johns counties

Every once in a while my husband and I find ourselves asking each other about what is recyclable or not. We get our plastic numbers confused, as well as paper and cartons. Here is something that hopefully can help clarify our confusions. 
  • The city only takes hard plastics. So, even if the filling of the package you just received in the mail is made of #1 plastic, that is non recyclable. The same goes for chip bags, plastic wrapping, plastic produce bags, box wrappers, cling wrap, and any other soft plastics.
  • Whole Foods takes hard plastics such as yogurt (cream cheese, butter, cottage cheese) containers. I believe that is the only place in Duval County that recycles #3 plastics. 
  • In St Johns County, households will now be able to recycle hard plastics #1 through #7.
  • You can take all your household paper to the Paper Retriever bins (green/yellow bins), located all around the city. For locations and more info, go to: http://www.paperretriever.com/
For more info, check below for the city's guide, as well as the link for further clarification (it has pictures of everything)

Curbside Recycling
icon showing curbside recycling blue binSingle-family residents can recycle all of these  items curbside in their blue bin*:
  • Plastic food, beverage, detergent bottles and jugs with narrow necks and screw-on tops that are labeled with a icon with the number 1    or    icon with the number 2.  Labels do not need to be removed.
    (Please place tops/lids in garbage; no butter tubs or similar items)
  • Glass bottles and jars (green, brown, and clear; please place tops/lids in garbage; labels do not need to be removed)
  • Metal and aluminum cans
  • Newspapers and inserts (on rainy days, please hold until next collection day)
  • Magazines, catalogs & telephone books
  • Brown paper bags (can also be used to hold excess recyclables)
  • Corrugated cardboard (flattened and cut in pieces 2' by 3' or smaller)
  • No plastic bags, milk cartons, or juice boxes
  • No motor oil, pool chemical, pesticide or fertilizer bottles 
  • No shredded paper

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