Why I cannot shop at Costco anymore.

I cannot go to Costco and come out of there with a good conscience any longer. Every single thing that you buy in there comes wrapped, or double wrapped, in plastic. It is absolutely crazy, if you think about it. Because not only it comes in plastic, but the kind of plastic that it comes in is completely non-recyclable. The blueberry and tomato ''shells', the banana plastic bags, the sandwich bread that comes in a plastic bag inside another bigger plastic bag, the muffins, the croissants, the chocolates, pretzels, vanilla, spices, coffee, nuts, cereals, snacks, cheese, olives, chicken, meat, avocados, hummus... everything!
Not only that, where is the stuff coming from? If it is organic ground beef, for example, you can read in the package that it comes from 3 different countries altogether. Imagine that: 3 different countries in one single little 1-pound packet of meat... What do you think about the safety of this food, with this meat that is mixed from 3 different places? This meat at least has a label that says where it is coming from, though. What about the rest of the meat in the store? What about the chicken? And why does it have to come from so far, when we have cattle pretty much everywhere in the United States? Why do the all the vegetables also have to come from different countries, when we are perfectly capable of planting and growing them ourselves here in the United States, with control over the kinds of pesticides, fungicides and herbicides that go into them? And what about the packaged dry goods? Do we really need all these individually wrapped chocolates, snacks, granola and ''health'' bars, and the chemicals that they come with in order to have a long shelf life?
The impact that a store like that has on our local economy goes both ways: it takes the business and money away from our local farmers, producers, and small business owners and, in exchange, leaves us with nothing but trash for our local landfills.
The solution? Shop local, and buy from the farms that are all around us. Keep the money in our city and state, and that way help keep it cleaner as well. Less transportation means less pollution, and less packaging means less garbage in the landfills. More money locally, and less trash globally, we all win.

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