Away from home...

We have been staying in a rental place for a while... since we never know where we will live for the summer, I decided to bring a few things with us in order to make things a bit easier:
  • knife- and knife sharpener (a must)
  • cutting board (not plastic)
  • coffee
  • porcelain drip coffee maker and coffee grinder
  • tea
  • a few spices, seaweed and sea salt
  • a few glassware containers
  • a few metal containers, for packing snacks
The place that we ended up staying has virtually no kitchen wares. So I went and bought:
  • Stainless steel cooking set. Every single pot in the rental unit was made with Teflon. I went to Kmart and got a stainless-steel set of 3 pots and 2 frying pans for $46. They are thin, but they are not poisonous and do the job as long as you keep an eye on them while cooking. They burn everything very easily, but at least you know you can cook your meals without having to poison yourself with the teflon fumes and scratch bits from the old pots and pans. 
  • Set of wood spoons. Again, very cheap at Kmart, but infinitely better than using plastic stuff to cook your food with. This is not a toy kitchen, and we are not ''playing'' cooks here. This is where we make our food that we eat and feed to our kids. Plastic spoons and such have no place in a real kitchen. Think wood, bamboo, glass, ceramic and stainless- only. Even if you face the prospect of only using the stuff for a few weeks, $50 or $60 dollars is well worth your family's health.
  • Dr. Bronners Soap. Put away all the anti-bacterial soaps, and replaced them with diluted Dr. Bronners (including for the kitchen dish soap). Anti-bacterial soaps are useless and dangerous. They contain Triclosan. Not enough to kill bacteria, but enough to make the bacteria actually stronger. Stay away from that stuff and stick to good old plain soap. More on antibacterial soaps at http://health.howstuffworks.com/skin-care/cleansing/myths/question692.htm, as well as in ''Slow Death by Rubber Duck''.

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