Mr. McGregor's Garden pies

Here is Mr. McGregor (Ian, on the right) with his friend Orion (Bellorado, left). They make the best pies in Jackson Hole. Forget ''The Bunnery'', these pies are the real deal, and they each have their very own crust design. Berries and rubbard are from around here, apples from Washington state... butter crust. You can find them at the Jackson Hole Farmers Markets, both on Wednesdays (4-7pm) and Saturdays (8-11am). Or call them: (307) 690-6039. I not only enjoy buying pies from guys in aprons, I also like to give my money to someone that is trying to use, as much as possible, quality local fresh ingredients. I was really upset to buy a pie at the (in)famous ''Bunnery'', and then find out that the fruit they use is all frozen, and comes from... their ''distributor''. They taste like supermarket pie- probably the same food supplier...

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