Canola Oil

I was talking to a friend today, and we were trying to figure out where on earth Canola Oil comes from. I have used it for baking many times, and had it on my shopping list for my next supermarket/health food store trip. I then recalled being told, in macrobiotic classes many years ago, not to use it; but could not exactly remember why. So I decided to do a little investigation. Here are a few facts that I discovered:
  • Canola oil is short for Canada Oil. 
  • It is a made-up word for the oil that comes from the Rape Seed. 
  • It was invented in the 1970's
  • Most of it is produced these days from genetically engineered Rape Seeds.
  • GMO Rape Seeds are sold by Monsanto. 
  • Canola oil, whether organic or not, is refined at incredibly high temperatures, which adversely affects the composition of the oil
  • Margarine is made of canola oil... and soy fats (oils)...
  • It is cheap to produce, therefore you will find it in most processed foods
Personally, I will no longer use Canola Oil for any cooking or baking. Olive Oil and Butter (organic, grass-fed) taste better anyway, and have both been around for thousands of years- for me, long enough to know they are good, real foods. 
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