Tomatoes and BPA

Our family loves eating pasta, polenta, pizza, lasagna... so pasta sauce is a definitely a big, important item in our household. We love making it, and have always used Pommi chopped (not strained) tomatoes to prepare it. We like it because, even though it is not organic, they do come from Italy (good sign as far as no use of pesticides goes), they taste great, and are relatively cheap compared to their organic competitors. 
Since I found out that Eden puts out BPA-free cans, I had recently tried a few times to use Eden chopped tomatoes, but was surprised and frustrated to find out a few days ago that Eden, when it comes to tomatoes, is forced to put out BPA-lined cans. That is because the FDA has not approved ''non-BPA'' liners for cans that contain tomatoes. 
Expletives at the FDA aside, I was happy to receive an email from a good friend with this blog on tomatoes! Looks like our household will be going back to Pommi's. 
But I am also curious to see what the new Eden glass strained tomatoes are like. I still don't know what the lid lining of those jars are made of, but that is definitely a better alternative than the cans. 

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