BPA-free Tomatoes Do Exist!

We recently shared our pathetic findings when searching for pre-prepared tomatoes in BPA-free containers.  Several of our amazing readers came to the rescue with possibilities we hadn’t heard of, so we started the process of confirming with the each manufacturer.  We ended up with two positively BPA-free options and still have one more that may be added to the list soon.  You’ll notice that both of the brands listed below are using aseptic carton packaging made by Tetra Pak, which opened up a whole new research project.  We have a slew of new info on that front that we’ll be sharing with you very soon.

Pomi Tomatoes
We spoke with makers of Pomi Tomatoes, Boschi Food & Beverage of Italy, and confirmed that their containers are 100% BPA-free.  They offer a nice line of tomato products including chopped, strained and marinara sauce.  All can be found in the USA at Pennsylvania Macaroni Co. and Amazon.com, although inventory levels seem to fluctuate based on availability.
Trader Joe’s Tomatoes
We confirmed with Trader Joe’s that all of their tomato products (including soups) packaged in cartons are made by Tetra Pak and are BPA-free.
We’re working on one other brand of tomatoes in glass jars without the typical BPA-based epoxy.  We’re unfamiliar with the epoxy used, so we’re pursuing help from an expert to make sure it’s something we feel comfortable recommending.
Have we missed anything?  Speak up and let us know!
Have you tried these products?  Let us know if they’re worthwhile!
UPDATE 1/27/10:   We’ve heard from a few of our readers that Bionaturae’s glass jar lids were reportedly BPA-free. We’ve been communicating with the manufacturer to find out exactly what they use as an alternative. It turns out they their lining is made from a PVC-based organosol lacquer. They’re working with us to gather more details a…nd when we find out exactly what that means as far as possible leaching and toxicity goes.

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