Review: Choice Organic Teas

I received recently, courtesy of Choice Teas, the Organic Earl Grey Tea. I love the smoothness of that tea. I drink it with milk, and it has a great aftertaste; there is no bitterness or sourness to it. The Earl Grey is my drink of choice on  cold day.

I also tried the Organic Decaf English Breakfast Tea, and the Yerba Maté Mint; they all have a pure, smooth flavor, with a beautifully balanced aftertaste.

I also use a lot of Choice's Organic Peppermint Tea. It is refreshing, and it has such a great flavor you don't even need to add honey to it, it holds up on its own.

Worthy of mention, the packages in which all Choice Teas come in are entirely compostable and recyclable.

You can find all of Choice's teas at your local natural/health food store. Here in my neighborhood, I buy it at Grassroots Natural Market.

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