Review: Kiss my Face Peace Soap

I have been using, courtesy of Kiss My Face,  the Kiss My Face Peace Soap for a month now, and absolutely love it. I usually make my own liquid hand soap by mixing castile soap, water and a bit of lavender oil. Sometimes it comes out perfect; but sometimes it is too strong, so it is harsh on the hands; or too watery, and it does not wash well... or worse, too oily, which just leaves you with lavender-oily hands...
This soap is exactly what I was trying to achieve with my own concoction, except better. It has the correct proportions, so it always foams nicely when you squirt it; and it is gentle on your hands, which is a huge plus when you constantly need to wash them- no need to use hand lotion afterwards. It can also be refilled, which makes for less waste, since the pumps are not recyclable.

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