Farmer's Market and Meals for The Week

Today, at the Riverside Farmer's Market, there were loads of incredibly beautiful, fresh arugula. I bought 5 bags ($3 a bag), which should give my family plenty for a fresh salad every day of the week.

Add to the arugula: some finely chopped red onions, grated carrots, walnuts, dressing (olive oil, salt and vinegar, nothing from the store that has hydrogenated soybean oil, mind you...), some Farro or quinoa (you can find both grains at Costco), and you got yourself a great, easy, healthy lunch that has vegetables, a whole grain, and protein (walnuts). You can also add boiled eggs, feta cheese, whole wheat flat bread (such as Havli)... depending how active you are that day.

Also at the market: cabbage- sliced thin and mixed with olive oil and salt, it goes great with rice and beans at dinner time. And daikon (white radish): sliced thin and sauteed with cabbage, onions and/or tofu, makes a great filling for vegetarian egg rolls, which the kids can take to school for lunch.

The vegetables totaled $22: local, fresh, organic.

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