New Digs in Town

PULP is a new coffee shop in San Marco. They serve organic frozen yogurt; real yogurt, as opposed to the corn-syrupy stuff they serve at ''Mochi'', ''Yobe'', ''TCBY"...               
Pulp's frozen yogurt, as well as its smoothies, are made from real ingredients. 
I go there for their coffee, which is organic and locally roasted by Sweetwater. You can get it drip, or French pressed. Most importantly, each cup is made to order, and does not sit in an urn. You can have organic milk with it- whole, 2%, skim, heated or cold, at the same price- as opposed to Starbucks, where not only you have to call a small a ''tall'', but where, when you ask for warm milk so your coffee doesn't turn cold, they call it a ''misto'' and charge you double the price for it. At night, you can also opt for a glass of wine, or beer. Great place to hang out- anytime.

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