Eucalyptus Oil

The ''treatment''
I was visiting a friend last week, and was a little bit congested after having spent a whole day taking different planes on the way from Jacksonville to Jackson Hole. Temperature difference between Florida and Wyoming, heat, dry air... she suggested I do a home remedy that she learned growing up in Russia. I really did not feel like it, but she insisted I do it, and since I had already had a few shots of vodka, I acquiesced.
She put water to boil, put it on a bowl, and added a few drops of Eucalyptus Oil. Next, she had me lean over the bowl, put a towel over my head, and had me breathe in the vapors from the hot water with the Eucalyptus essential oil.
To my surprise, it really did clear my nose, nostrils, sinus... and head. It was a nice feeling. I was able to breathe clearly, and have a great night of sleep- I think the vodka helped as well, but that is another story. Back in Jacksonville, I was able to find the Essential Oil of Eucalyptus at Grassroots Natural Market. Definitely a must-have for the family.

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