Physical therapy.

With wife Roberta
This post has nothing to do with food whatsoever. It is about movement, which is vital for health, and the ability to move again after an injury. It is dedicated to thank all physical therapists for the incredible job they do. And especially, Rob Coltman, PT, MPT, OCS (Board Certified Orthopaedic Specialist), MTC for all his help getting me up and running again- literally.

I had been suffering from constant pain in my right knee for over half a year; I had had enough, and was ready to seek help. 

I went to see Rob Coltman at Brooks Center for Sports Therapy. Coltman is a 10-time ironman finisher. He draws his knowledge not only from his education in physical therapy, but also from his own training and experience as an athlete.

Rob was able to make a diagnosis and proceed to treat my injury, a partial tear of the tendon, by employing everything at his disposal: local steroid application, massage, ultrasound, weights, bands, balance, and daily training. He tailored the therapy so that I could keep on exercising, and still heal the affected area.

Through gait video analysis we were able to see and understand the source of my injury. I was then given exercises to help balance and strengthen my body, so that it can run efficiently and without strain.

After over 2 months of regular treatment, I am finally able to run again, pain-free. I am very grateful for physical therapy, and for working with someone who is truly dedicated to healing people.

Rob Coltman, PT, MPT, OCS, MTC, is Physical Therapist and Center Manager at Brooks Center for Sports Therapy Clinic: 904-854-2090

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