New Ice Cream in Town

I recently met PJ Pawelek and his ice-cream delivery system, aka... bicycle. I bought one crazy-sounding flavor of ice cream just to see how it tasted. It was so good, that I ended up buying every single flavor that evening, I could not resist!

What I like about his ice cream is that even though it is vegan, it does not taste to me like sorbet. It may not be made with heavy cream, but it still has the same rich density and depth of ice cream. I love the exciting combinations of ingredients that PJ uses to create his ice cream flavors; I can always count on them to be not only unusual, but most important, delicious.

PJ uses fresh, local, organic fruits, nuts, and sugars for his sorbets, popsicles and candies. His products have no chemical stabilizers, artificial coloring, or preservatives. And all of the packaging is 100% biodegradable and compostable.

PJ and Seacow Confections can be found at:
Old City Farmer’s Market, St. Augustine FL,  8:30AM-12:30PM, every Saturday
Beaches Green Farmer’s Market, Neptune Beach FL, Jarboe Park, 2PM-5PM, every Saturday

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