New bread in town!

Sarah and Marcelle have started a new bread company. They bake whole wheat loaves, white loaves, naan, and other varieties of bread, based on available ingredients. They generally work with a few rotating bases (sourdough, whole wheat, rye, etc.) and vary the methods and additions (herbs, fruits, nuts, etc.) to deliver a balance of consistency and variety.

Their bread is made fresh on the day of delivery, with organic ingredients, and local when possible. This is a typical ingredient list: organic 100% whole wheat flour, brown rice, water, vegan sugar, raisin juice, salt, yeast, pumpkin seeds. No preservatives, stabilizers, dough conditioners, or any other bizarre ingredients.

Their CSL (Community Supported Loaves) offer the following:
  • Standard four-week subscription is $24 (Tuesday or Saturday).
  • Every other week (four week period) at $12 (Tuesday or Saturday). Or
  • Twice a week for four weeks at $42 (Tuesday and Saturday)  
Call Sarah and Marcelle, order your bread, and they will deliver it to your door on their bikes. That service is offered for those who live in the "urban core" (Riverside, Five Points, Avondale, Downtown, San Marco, Ortega etc).

They hope to soon establish a pick-up point at the Beaches Market on Saturdays.

For more info, please contact:
(904) 419-7899.

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