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For more info, please contact Tim Walther.

Grand Dynamics International President Tim Walther and internationally heralded mountaineer and speaker Stephen Koch will attempt to climb the North Face of the Eiger in April 2012.  

The Eiger (3,970 m (13,025 ft)) is a mountain in the Bernese Alps in Switzerland. The north face, 1,800 m (5,900 ft) German: Nordwand, "north wall", was first climbed in 1938 by an Austrian-German expedition and is one of the six great north faces of the Alps. Since 1935, at least sixty-four climbers have died attempting the north face, earning it the German nickname Mordwand, literally "murder(ous) wall." The “North Face” movie released in 2010 popularized this important mountaineering challenge.  
Koch and Walther will attempt the North face some time between April 13 and 22, 2012 and will have “spot” technology where people interested can follow along the ascent remotely. 

Benefits of Sponsorship
Contact Tim Walther for additional details specific to sponsor contribution and customized benefits. The following sponsorship elements are offered for a contribution of between $100 and $15,000.  

SUMMIT: $10,000  + (Includes NORTH FACE and MOUNTAIN plus) 
  • Customized presentation by Tim Walther and/or Stephen Koch offered on-site following the climb. Applications tied into corporate messaging.  IE: leadership, risk taking, overcoming fear and company strategic objectives.  
  • Expedition Title named after the sponsor

NORTH FACE: $5000 (Includes all MOUNTAIN plus)
  • Small lightweight flag (provided by the sponsor) carried for summit shots
  • Photo Usage: Photos from the climb provided for web and print use (Koch is a published photographer.)
  • Press release content about the climb in relation to sponsor support
  • Company logo worn in prominent locations during the climb. 

MOUNTAIN: $1000  
  • Listed as a sponsor on blog and web-site 
  • Included in Grand Dynamics International Newsletter 
  • Newsletter and press release about climb provided to company

CLIMBER: $100 to $1000 
Be involved with any donation amount and be listed as a contributing supporter of the climb and follow along in the North Face attempt. A percentage of your choice may be put toward our 100 Girls in 100 Days campaign to support ACV Kenya and our efforts to support education of young girls in Africa.  

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