Down To Earth Farm at RAM Tomorrow!

Down To Earth Flowers
Down To Earth Farm will be at the Riverside Arts Market tomorrow, 10-2pm. 
They will also be at The Beaches Green Market, in Jarboe Park, 2-5pm.  
Come check out true local, fresh-picked, pesticide-free, nutrient-rich veggies that you never see in your not-so-local supermarkets... 
White scallop, zephyr (yellow/green) and green lebanese squash... red butter head, green and red romaine lettuce... sorrel... dino, red-russian and green curly kale.... spring onions... leeks... carrots... spicy arugula... and the first few flower bunches of the season. Tomato and strawberry plants also available, along with a few other possible surprises....

Watch Brian Lapinski - Organic Farmer on PBS. See more from 9 to 5.

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