Glades Ridge Delivers to The Avondale Market This Sunday!

Glades Ridge Goat Dairy plans to make weekly deliveries to the Avondale Farmers Market on Sunday afternoons.  The Avondale Farmers Market is at the corner of St. Johns and Talbot, in the parking lot of the Nail Salon and Open Road Bicycles.  The market is open from 1PM to 4 PM each Sunday afternoon

Many customers have asked Cognito Farm for years if they could bring orders from Glades Ridge to the markets they deliver to in the Jacksonville area, but they simply did not have room or time to meet the logistical challenges to deliver products other than Chevre.

Now you can purchase Glades Ridge Goat Dairy products directly from Glades Ridge at the Avondale Farmers Market.  Some of the products available this week are:

Raw Goats Milk, frozen and fresh
Chevre and Fromage Blanc Cheeses
Lamb - Ribs, Shoulder Roast and Chops

Contact Glades Ridge Goat Dairy by email at order@gladesridge.com for all inquires, including pricing on these products and to reserve for pick up on Sunday afternoon.  Like most of us small farmers, the farmers at Glades Ridge have day jobs too.  Email works very well for contacting them, but it may be 12-24 hours before you get a response.

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