How to make Pudim... Brazilian Flan

I learned to make Pudim from my mother, who grew up in Minas, Brazil. Minas is where the best coffee comes from. The best cheese, Pinga, Doce de Leite... and Pudim. Think of it as a Brazilian Flan, only creamier. 

slowly burn 1 cup of sugar on medium heat 
mixing with a spoon for a few minutes
until it turns into caramel 
pour onto flan pan
1 can condensed milk
1 can milk
3 eggs
1 heaping tbsp flour
rind of 1 lime
pour flan mixture onto caramel-glazed pan
bring water to boil in bottom pan
put flan-mixture pan on it
cook on medium heat for 1/2 hour
let cool
flip onto plate

If you like as much as I do to taste food as you cook it, just don't try to lick boiling-hot caramel. It will completely burn your tongue. It took me a couple of times experiencing that sizzling sound of caramel on tongue in order to finally remember...

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