Coffee on the go...

''Door oatmeal''
I used to look for coffee while driving cross country at local coffee shops in the towns that we'd stay in or drive through.

I recently graduated to driving by myself, and found that if I wanted to actually get where I was going, I would have to become more efficient with all aspects of driving. Coffee included. 

Going into towns in search of coffee shops would make me drive miles off course, which cost me time, and gas. 

Starbucks was not an option either, as their stores are pretty much nonexistent on highways other than I-95 in the Northeast... and I don't like their store coffee, as they over-roast their beans. When I drink it black, which is how I like to drink it, it tastes burnt. 

I solved my coffee problem by going to Costco and buying a big box of Starbucks Via. It tastes decent enough, great when camping, and amazing when driving and tired. 

Via at hand,  I proceeded to look for hot water. I quickly found that McDonalds offers not only free wifi, but hot water as well. 

So I started going to McDonalds and asking for hot water. It's filtered, and they will put it straight into my thermos- if I ask. I also tried Burger King. They will only give you hot H2O in styrofoam, and will charge you for it. I walked away. 

Since McDonalds provides happy  hot water, I started keeping a stash of instant organic oatmeal packets in the car as well. That way, if I run out of fuel at the campsite, or just don't feel like dealing in the morning and want to get out fast, I can stop by one of those free-water stores. I can actually place the oatmeal packet in my car-door pocket next to the door handle, pour hot water in it, and eat it while driving- with my coffee of course. 

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