2013 Food Challenge: Carrots

I keep on delaying a post, because I tell myself "tomorrow I will have the time to write a more thorough, better post than today.'' But that tomorrow never comes.

Because there is never a ''right time'' to write. The only time I have is right now. So, as I make a lovely carrot soup from a whole bag of carrots a friend gave me in order to keep me awake driving cross country, I will write about carrots.

The soup I am making is, in fact, to nourish myself and my daughter tomorrow, when we will be staying in a hotel for the night. All I will have to do for dinner is... heat up the soup in a hotel microwave. And we will have a great meal. If I have the time, I will stop by a store and purchase a bit of heavy cream, make beautiful swirls in the soup, and eat it with Russian bread that I will bring as well. Done!

Why carrots? First of all, it is yet another vegetable that requires no knife or chopping board in order to be consumed. Take a carrot out of the bag, and eat it. Spit out the ends, or chop off the ends with teeth, pre-consumption. Done. No lame excuses about how hard it is to eat vegetables.

Carrots were one of the first vegetables to show up in supermarkets in the ''organic'' version. They are so popular, that I can be driving in the most remote part of Wyoming somewhere in the middle of the night, and still find fucking organic carrots in a 24hour Walmart, along with windshield wiper fluid. Not joking. In other words, take advantage of this modern American phenomenon that is organic carrots.

But please, buy and eat the real thing. Don't settle for ''baby carrots''. They are merely old carrots cut up in the shape of little, ''baby'' carrots. Ever wonder why those damn things go bad the minute they leave the supermarket shelf? Now you know.... buy real carrots, which are hard, hardy, and last. A long time.

Eat them as they come. As a snack on their own, or as a meal, dipped in hummus. Grate them into salads, cut them into salads, cut them in chunks to put in soups, or make a soup out of them, with potatoes, onions, butter, olive oil and salt.

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