Food challenge 2013: sandwiches and burpees.

How to write a super fast post after a 12-hour clinical, bike ride home, and burpees? Damn burpee challenge. Had to do them all tonight, because I didn't have a chance to do them during the day...

Just like the (very) small jumps I resorted to tonight, sometimes the food needs to be reduced as well. There is no other way to fit it all into the hectic accelerated school schedule. Yes I did cook the previous night and made sure I had a good strong lunch with me to last a whole day... but how is one lunch going to last long enough to fuel a long bike ride home? I don't want to bonk, and I don't want to live on gels and bars either. Not real food. Yes I do carry them in the bike, as a back up, but I do try not to have that for ''dinner'' as I bike home at 7pm.

Sandwich. No, it does not have to be PBJ... or cold cuts... to be called a sandwich. How about a hummus and arugula sandwich? Hummus and tomato, cucumber, sprouts, cilantro, parsley, red onions, red peppers, greens?

I have given up on making hummus this year while in school... but that does not mean I cannot buy it at the supermarket. Bread comes already sliced, and organic arugula pre-washed. How much time putting those 3 ingredients together could possibly take? Less than 5 minutes. Worth it. And so much healthier and cheaper than cold cuts, which are either super expensive (the nitrate-free organic stuff), or super crappy. Think nitrates. Sodium. Don't do it. Not worth compromising your health for that crap.

Hummus is cheap. Vegetables are cheap. Use them. They are light, and keep me light throughout the day. Eat clean, even if on the go... and feel light and clean, just like the food that becomes us.

Quality, not quantity.

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