How to find a source for fresh raw milk and eggs...

If you are looking for a place to get fresh milk, forget about the supermarkets. The closest you'll get to the real thing is grass-fed cow's milk, but it is pasteurized. Sometimes one can find frozen raw milk. But the frozen stuff really doesn't taste that great, and carries that scary label "not for human consumption". That label is due to FL politics. If you go to different states, you will get everything from not being able to buy raw milk AT ALL, or being able to buy as much of it, for human consumption, as you please. So... having said that, here is a site that explains a whole lot about raw milk, and also where to find it. A lot of these farms also have fresh eggs: www.realmilk.com

I have found a farm to buy both milk and eggs very close to here (Jacksonville), and they are great. More than happy to share that info upon request-

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