Ask ask ask

The key to getting good quality stuff is to ask. Ask, ask, ask, don't be afraid to ask-
Where is the meat from?
What do these cows eat?
What food are the cows producing this butter eating?
Do these cows eat corn?
What is in this bread? Is this made with stone-ground whole wheat flour? Or just painted white flour?
What is... maltodextrin???...
What is in this cheese? Does it have hormones?
Where does this tomato come from? Does it have Endosulfan on/in it? Did they use chemicals to ripen it?
How many chemicals in these blueberries?

The people working in the store should know the answers! If they do not, and cannot give you a satisfactory answer, then maybe that is not where you want to spend your hard-earned money in the first place?

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