Not all paper is created equal

I'm looking at all the junk in my mail. Ok, some of it, there is no way to get rid of, it's that stuff in the cheap paper about Food Lion, Walmart, or whatever supermarket . At least that can go in the recycle bin and turn into some recycled product that those same stores can sell and proclaim how eco-conscious they are (by sending out all that junk mail in the first place).

Next up, catalogs. Here is a solution: www.catalogchoice.org. You can enter the name of the unwanted catalog in there, and they'll stop it for you. Choice #2: just call the company and bitch.

Credit card offers: www.junkmailstopper.com

Other annoying white paper mail: rip the plastic window off (unfortunately, that goes in the trash), and recycle the white paper. In Duval County, you might have noticed that hey started putting bins around the city for paper recycling. You can throw all the white paper in there. If you put it in your recycling bin, they will NOT recycle it (they will throw it in the trash).

Yes, corrugated paper (the boxes) you can put in the recycling bin, but... you can NOT recycle milk, OJ cartons or juice boxes! Why? Because they are coated inside with plastic... sorry, yes, BPA-loaded plastic. Solution? Get milk, OJ etc in glass or, if you miss your plastic, get the real plastic- at least you can recycle that.

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