Shady Business

I heard on the radio today that the Riverside Arts Market sells local produce. Actually, ONE vendor there sells local produce. Their name is Down To Earth Farm. Sometimes Magnolia Farms is there as well, and both of these farms are organic and local. There is a hydroponic dude there, but I don't know where he's from. The rest of the produce vendors are not really local. If you ask them, you'll learn that their stuff is from all over the place, just like the guys from Beaver Street "Farmers'' Market. And then there is that one stand that doesn't even have a name- they claim to be a ''organic'' farm from Callahan, but if you look under the table, you can see their bags are from Georgia etc. The good news is, the directors of the market are looking into this and hopefully, for the spring, will have some of this monkey business out of there.

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