Toxic lunch boxes?

Since Miles and Eli started going to school, and therefore eating their lunches at school, this has been an evolving dilemma/battle/research: how to pack and send their lunches and snacks to school. You are probably laughing and thinking "this is a no-brainer". But if you realize that plastic contains BPA and other chemicals that are proven to leach into food, and that kids are the most likely to be affected by toxins, as their bodies are not fully developed... then it becomes a matter of "how much am I poisoning my own kids by wrapping and packing their stuff in plastic bags and containers" every time I pack their lunches and snacks. In the beginning, I used to send Miles with glass containers, until the teachers complained that his lunch-box was too heavy for him. Kind of funny, when I think back on this. 
Ok, switch to plastic. I didn't want to use sandwich bags because, since there is no recycling for plastic bags in Jacksonville other than supermarket shopping bags, I knew that they would, and will still, end up in the dump. A complete waste. So I decided to use tupperware, because at least I could/can wash and re-use them. Then came the whole BPA debacle with baby bottles etc, and here I am trying to figure out which numbers on the back of the containers are the right ones, which are not, did I buy the right one or not, is this number really safe or not... and also was the plastic going to get heated or not (plastic leaches chemicals when it is heated), and would it leach as it got older?... and how do I know if this is BPA-free if it doesn't say anything on it (BPA was banned only from certain plastics after all- can anyone tell exactly which ones?). 
Looking around in health food stores, I found wax paper sandwich bags, but not only I still could not pack any snacks on those, they ended up in the trash as well (at least they do break down). 
I finally ended up getting a tiffin for my daughter, which she really enjoys to this day. It doesn't disintegrate like the regular lunch boxes, and because it is made of stainless-steel, it is safe for both cold and hot foods. But my son was mortally embarrassed by it, so we continued with the plastic until I was able to find on the internet (on Amazon, of all places, with free shipping) stainless-steel little containers in which we can pack his snacks and sandwiches, which he can then put into his regular lunch box. 
I tried different brands, and ended up settling on "togoware" ( http://www.to-goware.com/). I like their sizes. looks and quality. That is also the brand of the tiffin that I bought 2 years ago- again, size, looks, quality. I hope this helps other moms and just anyone trying to find a good way to carry their food to work/school. More on this at http://slowdeathbyrubberduck.com/

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