Patagonia and BPAa

Patagonia and BPAa

Thank you for your concern about clothing made from recycled bottles. The fabric for the puff ball is made from recycled bottles. We have tried to completely understand the recycling process and so we have visited the mills that make the yarns and fabrics, the factory that melts the bottle chips into fiber, and even the facility where they sort the bottles. The fabrics made from this recycling process do not pose any unique toxicity risks compared to regular "virgin" polyester. The bottles used are only 100% PET polyester and do not contain BPA (bisphenol-A). BPA is commonly found in polycarbonate bottles, and polyester can be used as a BPA-free alternative.

I also want to mention that the mill that makes this puff ball fabric is a "bluesign" system partner, which means they are certified to make fabrics that exceed the strictest global regulations for toxic chemicals. In addition to ensuring a safe product, the bluesign system manages the environmental, health, and safety concerns of the whole manufacturing system from the inputs and processes to the wastewater and air emissions. More information is available at www.bluesign.com

I'm glad to hear that you are aware of and concerned about these issues! If you have any other concerns about this jacket or any other product, please let us know.

Thank you,

Todd Copeland
Patagonia, Inc.
Strategic Environmental Materials Developer

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