Avoid ''light'', ''low-fat, ''non-fat'' foods.

The low-fat campaign began in the late 1970's.
Nowadays, the average male is 17 pounds heavier, and the average female 19 pounds heavier than in the late 1970's.
You are better off eating the real food in moderation, than eating lots of the "light" version. When the food industry removes the fat from a food in its industrial plant, it often substitutes the fat that gives that food its delicious taste for other ''nutrients''. "Nutrients'' such as sugar, high-fructose corn syrup, or a variety of weird names that for sure don't grow on soil. Chemicals. If you think about it, for any food to be able to say ''light'', it must be packaged- which means, processed.
You are better off eating a little bit of fat that is real food and will make you satisfied, than a ''fat-free'' food that will leave you hungry and still craving more food afterwards.
A clarification is due here: when I talk about eating fats, I do talk about quality fats, though; not KFC or Dunkin Donuts type of fats.
Eat real food, and there will be no need to look for a ''light'' version. There is no "light" walnuts or pecans, ''low-fat'' potato or yam, ''non-fat'' brown rice, beets or beans. They are what they are: great, delicious food chock-full of real nutrients that really nourish us. Even real milk; when you buy it non-homogenized, if you are concerned about the fat or just plain don't like it, you can just take the fat off and make butter with it- because the fat is just cream- delicious cream, that is...

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