This is a nice little rule from Michael Pollan. I like it, because it helps me keep things in perspective. Follow this rule, and you will always eat fresh foods. Foods that are alive and full of nutrients. Nutrients that give you life and good health.
Fresh vegetables, instead of canned or frozen. Or worse, processed into a snack: potato chips, veggie bootie...
Fresh fruit, instead of ''pre-cut'' fruit, fruit juice or fruit roll-ups...
Fresh farm eggs instead of 3-month-old eggs from the supermarket. Or worse, egg-substitutes...
Fresh meat, instead of cold-cuts preserved with chemicals; or meat-like ''products'' such as ''chicken nuggets''.
Fresh grains, instead of cereals in a box.
Fresh nuts, instead of "nut-flavored" snacks and junk food.
Fresh breads that easily go moldy, instead of plastic-packaged breads that somehow, by some miracle, can live in a supermarket shelf without going bad.
Fresh meals, instead of any meal that is ''easily microwaveable''-frozen dinners, frozen pizza, chicken nuggets etc...
And, finally, fresh milk as well. We bought some Organic Valley milk a month ago, and it is still sitting there in the fridge; it is supposed to be valid until April 17. Meanwhile, I've taken 3 trips to the farm to buy fresh milk, and it always sours after 7 days. So, if the fresh milk sours in so little time, what are they doing to that Organic Valley milk to make it last so long?
More on this: Food Rules, by Michael Pollan

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