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April 2010

We have had so many people express interest in my parents' 100% grass fed beef recently.  They have a limited number of cattle ready to go to the butcher now, and because word is getting out already, my parents thought that it would be necessary to be fair in sending this to all past customers and folks who have inquired about larger volumes.  Below is the information about the prices, etc. for the beef.  My mom is still working on getting a cut up instruction form from Johnston's Meat Market to help you decide how you would like your beef processed.  Since there are only five steers ready to go to the butcher, they need to know as soon as possible if you would like us to reserve you a quarter, half or whole animal. 
Red Bridge Beef April Newsletter 2010 
steakRed Bridge Beef is now taking orders for 100% Grass Fed Beef!  There will never be a better time to get your beef than right now following the lush grazing of ryegrass and clover.  Our cattle are on pasture 365 days a year and are never fed grain at anytime of their lives.  You might be wondering, what exactly are the benefits of 100% grass fed beef?
There are many available resources at www.eatwild.com to read about the benefits of grass based beef, but in a nutshell, the most compelling reasons to choose to eat Red Bridge 100% Grass Fed Beef are:
     *Our cattle never receive antibiotics, hormones, growth stimulating implants or GMO feed at any time.
     *Our beef contains less saturated fat and far more Omega-3 Fatty Acids, the most heart healthy of fats, than commercially produced beef.
     *It also contains much higher CLAs (Conjugated Fatty Acids), the anti-cancer nutrient we are often deficient in.
     *Our grass fed beef also contains higher levels of Beta Carotene, Vitamin A, and Vitamin E.
     *Pathogenic E. Coli cannot survive in the non-acidic diet of grass fed cattle and Mad Cow disease is non-existent in 100% grass fed and finished cattle.
     *Our Grass Fed Beef is better for the environment because we allow the cattle to fertilize and harvest their own nutrients on pasture 365 days per year.  Less fossil fuel is needed than for conventional beef producers who rely on trucked in corn and soybean meal to provide dense feed to fatten cattle quickly.  Keeping land in pasture promotes carbon sequestering.
     *We follow humane treatment of animal guidelines.  Although we are not certified (there are fees involved and we are too small to find it necessary), we will be completely transparent when it comes to providing answers on how we raise our cattle.
     *Finally, Red Bridge Beef is the best choice because it has true beef taste and tenderness you will love and appreciate.  Our beef genetics are that of the New Zealand Red Devon, a breed which was developed specifically for grass fed and finished beef.
Now, how do you buy your Red Bridge Beef?  There are 3 ways:
1.  You may order cuts directly from Al and Desiree Wehner (owners).  Contact information below.  $100 minimum.
2.  You many buy individual cuts from a few retailers:
          Sweet Grass Dairy Marketplace, Thomasville
          Orchard Pond Organics, Tallahassee
          Natural Health, Valdosta
3.  Or, you may buy quarters, halves, or a whole beef directly from Red Bridge Beef.  The process to do this is as follows:
     *You send a $100 check per quarter with your order ($200/half or $400/whole)
     *Indicate to us if you want the organ meats.
     *We take the steer to the abattoir of your choice for processing.
     *We'll call you with the weight you will be paying for--this is the hanging weight, or the steer after it has been butchered minus the hide, head, and organs.  This is the carcass that hangs in the cooler for 14-21 days to promote tenderness.
     *You must provide the abattoir cutting instructions (we have a sheet to make this easier for you) in writing.
     *You send us the balance owed on your order before picking up your meat.
     *You pick up the beef and pay the butcher for all processing fees.
Some important information to remember is that the final amount of meat that you pick up is dependant upon several factors including shrinkage during the hanging period (the longer the carcass is hung, the more shrinkage there is, but it is an important aspect to promote tenderness) and how much bone and fat are discarded during the cut up procedure.  For example, do you want boneless rib eye steaks or bone in steaks?  Do you want sliced shanks, ribs, and soup bones?  There can be as much as 50% loss depending on these factors.  So let me give you an example:
I take a 1200 lb steer to the butcher.  He dresses out (hanging weight) at 600 lbs.  You will probably pick up 300-375 lbs of meat.  Also the liver, heart, and tongue are yours but not included in the hanging weight.  Be sure to let me know that you want these so they may be labeled and frozen for you on the initial butcher day.  These are basically "freebies" as far as paying on their weight.
Now, finally how is this beef priced?  It is $3.25/lb for a quarter, $3.00/lb for a half, and $2.75/lb for a whole beef.  Our butcher, Johnston's Meats in Monticello, charges a $40 kill fee and $.55/lb (hanging weight) for vacuum packaging, labeling and freezing.  They charge $3 per box for heavy duty carrying boxes so you don't have to bring your own coolers or boxes.  It generally takes 3 boxes per quarter.  Typically, they charge a hanging fee per day, but if they do a decent quantity of beef from Red Bridge Beef, he will waive this fee.
Last but not least, I must say that we are limited in availability, therefore orders will be met on a first come, first serve basis.  It you want to order a beef, please don't hesitate to send me your order.  I would like to get these processed before the winter grazing runs out.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.  Thank you so much for giving us an opportunity to be your local beef producer!
Bon Appetit!
Desiree Wehner
Red Bridge Beef
1114 Magnolia Church Road
Pavo, GA 31778
Kelles Blue
Sweet Grass Dairy Summer Camp 
We only have a few spaces left in our summer camp.  (Well, 1 in the 3 year old group, 4 in the pre-k group, 2 in the kindergarten group, 2 in the 1st grade group, and 4 spaces in the 2nd/3rd grade group.)  You can read more about the camp on our website at www.sweetgrassdairy.com on the tours, events, and education page.  Please e-mail me at jessica@sweetgrassdairy.com for more information. 
As always, thanks for supporting your local farming family!  Hope you are enjoying this beautiful spring.
Jessica and Jeremy Little
Sweet Grass Dairy Marketplace
19345 US Hwy 19 N
Thomasville, GA 31792
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