Aha! moment

This is the basic, true difference between fresh milk and pasteurized milk:
  • Real, fresh milk goes sour. You can ''clabber'' it and drink it (as I learned from a Piotr Szewczyk), or use it to make muffins and pancakes, because it tastes, looks, and ''acts'' just like the buttermilk you would buy in the supermarket. In terms of health, it makes foods made with it more digestible, which means that our bodies absorb more of the food's nutrients. Fresh, unpasteurized milk is, in a way, the milk that keeps on giving. Cream, butter, buttermilk, yogurt, clabbered milk, cheese, sourcream... all of it good for us.                                             
  • Pasteurized milk goes rancid. You cannot do anything with it, not even feed it to your dog. It's dead milk, putrid. 
Why would you want to drink pasteurized milk, if all of the enzymes that make this milk milk are dead?

More on this: http://www.westonaprice.org/Learning-to-Maximize-the-Use-of-Your-Real-Milk-and-Cream.html

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