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A couple years ago I watched, at a Sierra Club Meeting, a video about Mountain Top Removal, or mountain top coal mining. It was a very depressing movie. You could clearly see the destruction, the pollution, and where all the coal goes... directly to our coal plants, just like the one we have here in Jacksonville. Those beautiful mountains of Appalachia are literally being blown up in order to turn into our daily electricity. This cannot continue this way, it is not sustainable. The lives lost in the mines, the forests, the mountains, the rivers... there are other, better ways to produce energy. More efficient, cleaner, less harmful to humans, animals and nature.
We need to speak up for what we believe. Call, email, write. It may seem awkward and hard at first, but trust me, the people on the other end of the line don't bite. They do listen to you, and if you start to ask questions, they do answer them. They are there for us, were elected by us , and are paid with our tax money. So take advantage of the only direct link we have to important decision making: our senators, and congress-men/women.
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