More on BPA...

This is another piece of information, from Dale of Cosmic Apple Gardens. BPA is present on many types of lids, including those of the good old-fashioned Ball jars. Any lid that you see that has a plasticky cover on the inside... that plastic contains BPA. I serioulsy don't know about the bottles caps of all the beers that I have drunk in my life, but I guess you just need to draw the line somewhere... and since we are talking about BPA in products that one would never imagine would contain it, store receips that are printed by thermal imaging use paper that contains BPA- the heat reacts chemically with the BPA in the paper, and produces words and numbers in the receipt. Receipts printed with regular ink are fine. But just in case, don't have yoru kids hold the receipts for you, and just wash your hands with (non-bacterial!!!!) soap when you get home... newspaper ink also contains BPA... I don't know if it has always had it, or if it is something new, but again make your own choices, and just keep the kids from it as much as you can, for their sake.

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