Charlie's Soap

Here is a recommendation from Stephanie: Charlie's Soap. I have never seen this laundry detergent in the local health food store, but I am definitely going to give it a try when I go back to Florida. It not only washes a whole load with just one tablespoon, but it also comes in a cloth bag. I also like the fact that it comes from North Carolina, which is just about 5 hours from Jacksonville. I quick check of labels will show you that laundry soaps come from Texas, Connecticut, Canada... it all depends on which company makes them, and/or packages them. The bigger the company, the more likely the soap will be coming from all over the place to be packaged in one central location, and again sent out to be delivered all over the country (think Costco, Whole Foods...). The key here is to keep it local, and give your business and money to small shops and producers. You can always call them and ask them about their product, and chances are will be talking with the person that actually makes/produces the stuff, instead of some unindentified ''consumer specialist'' who hasn't the slightest idea what the ingredients in the product really are, and who has to place you on ''hold'' to go find out.

Thank you, Stephanie for your help creating a network of responsible, environment-friendly products and businesses. I would love to build a country-wide, city by city database from all the input that readers send me, so please do share your findings!

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