Farmer's Market Today

You can tell it is late summer when you barely see a vendor, and all you can find is Okra and Eggplant! 

16 eggplants later, I guess we will be making Baba Ganoush and lots lots of roasted eggplant on pizza, pasta and as a side dish with lentils, couscous, Tabouli salad...

We did also find pears from a local farm, so... 20 pears later, we will have fresh fruit, pear crisp, pear cobbler... 

Okra is not my favorite, so I did skip on it... but it did look gorgeous, it was a purple Okra. All from Magnolia Farms.

The tomatoes, peaches and other stuff that I saw were, unfortunately, from regular farms that use pesticides, so I skipped on those. This was at the Riverside Arts Market, this morning. 

At the Beaches Green Market, found tomatoes, cucumbers... and FL grapes. They also have local meat and sausages, by  Cognito Farm

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