Fresh Milk in Town

I had been getting fresh milk from Cognito Farms throughout the spring, and was really disappointed to find out in the beginning of summer that they would no longer supply customers with their own dairy products. 
However, I found a new dairy farm that actually delivers to Jacksonville. I had been driving to Starke every week just to pick up milk, so the news that this farm delivers their products in town is fantastic. The farm is called Wainright Dairy http://www.wainwrightdairy.com, and they deliver both to Native Sun and Grassroots. 
I actually called and asked them if they could wrap a 1Lb block of raw-milk cheddar cheese in paper for me, so as to avoid the common plastic cover, and they were very nice and helpful about it. They will bring it today to the store together with the milk delivery, which is every Thursday. 
As far as the plastic cover, the reason I try to avoid it as much as possible, especially in fatty products such as dairy and meat, is that I simply do not know what the plastic is made of. I cannot prove that the plastic contains BPA, but at the same time I do not know that it doesn't. I do know that, after transporting boiled eggs in metal containers all summer for hours, the eggs always tasted like eggs. The day I ran out of metal canisters, I put the eggs in a Ziploc sandwich bag. I pulled them out of the bag after an hour, and I got to taste and smell in the egg the unmistakable taste of plastic from the bag. It also left me with an unpleasant ''plastic'' after-taste. 
So, whereas I don't scientifically know if the plastic actually has BPA and other hormonal disruptors or not (some plastics say that they do not have BPA- so what about the ones that don't?), I will opt to trust my taste buds on this one, and continue as much as possible to choose non-plastic wraps, covers and containers. When in doubt, go for the safer route.

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