Review: Eden Organic Soba

Today I tried for the first time, courtesy of Eden Foods, the Eden Organic Traditionally Crafted Soba.
I had eaten many different brands of Soba before, but this one is by far the best one I have ever tried. Not only are these noodles 100% organic, the percentage of the ingredients, as well as the thickness of the noodles, are just perfect. Other sobas I had would fall apart even if I undercooked them. Or they would become completely glued together into one big mush. The kids would look at the big mountain of nondescript noodles, and would push their plates away. Today, I sent them to school with Eden soba, and the containers came back empty!
These noodles don't have the characteristic bitter aftertaste that so many whole grain noodles do. And the pasta is just thick enough that it holds its own when it cools down and sits around for a couple hours before being eaten; the noodles don't stick and mush together. They are tasty enough to be eaten by themselves, but also strong enough to withstand sautéeing and stir-frying after being fully cooked. They also come in a paper container, which can be recycled or composted- no plastic trash. In short, a must-have for a healthy kitchen pantry.

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