Review: Clif Crunch Granola Bars

I like to always keep some kind of food in my bag for unforeseen hunger "emergencies", especially with kids.

I used to carry with me various granola bars, but stopped buying them out of concern about ingredients such as canola oil, GMO-corn and soy flours, corn syrup, non-organic grains, excess sugar, additives, and funky-named ingredients in general.

Today I was presented with the opportunity to try, courtesy of Clif Bar, 4 different flavors of Clif Crunch granola bars.

I tried the Honey Oat one this morning, during work break. I really enjoyed it, and so did my friends whom I shared it with. It was very satisfying, not too sweet, and crisp- I'm not too fond of mushy power bars. It gave the energy I needed to carry me until lunch.

After work, since I was waiting for my husband to have lunch together, I decided to try the other flavors.

I loved the White Chocolate Macadamia the most, even though it was sweeter than the other bars. I was also concerned about the soy flour in the white chocolate, but have since learned that Clif Bar sources only non-GMO ingredients.

My second favorite was the Chocolate Chip. The chocolate chips are unsweetened, which makes the bar nicely balanced and not as sweet as the White Chocolate Macadamia bar.

My husband loves peanut butter, so I gave him the Peanut Butter bar to try; he liked its crispness, and that it is not as dry as other granola bars.

I very much like the fact that those bars are made with just a few quality ingredients, and that most of them (70% to be precise) are organic. While that is not 100% organic, they are still excellent bars. And, like Patagonia, they are members of 1% for the planet, which is admirable.

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