Review: Obsessively Natural Kids Detangler

My daughter is 8-years-old, and has long hair. Brushing it is always a traumatic experience for both of us, even when she uses a conditioner.
Recently I received, compliments of Kiss My Face, the Kiss My Face Obsessively Natural Kids Detangler. This product has literally changed our hair brushing experience from frustrating tangles and tears, to a happy smooth comb. We have used it successfully with wet and dry hair, and both my daughter and I enjoy the citrus scent.
I must admit that I am not a big fan of unnecessary hair products in general, and try to keep them to a minimum and as natural as possible. But I was really surprised by the quality of the ingredients in this product, and by how well it worked. It scores a 3 on the Cosmetics Database, which is not bad, considering that my daughter can now finally look forward to brushing her hair.

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